Thursday, August 1, 2013


Shew what a day. When it rains around here it really pours!

Issues, issues and more issues. I went to PT yesterday for my total knee replacment and got good and bad news. I am only 10 degrees off from normal (yeah!) and I have way to much fluid around my knee which keeps me from having my mobility back which in turn would allow me to get out of the house and go job hunting which I am eagerly looking forward to. I'm much more productive when I am working. I think most people are.

So, back to the doctor on Monday and hopefully he will drain the fluid from my knee. I was on a steroid pack, Medrol, and it just tore my stomach up. Since I can't take the Medrol I am back on a ice machine-15 minutes on-15 minutes off. Not so bad but I am just ready for the whole thing to be so over with.

I'm looking forward to hearing what fun things are going on in your world today~

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