Wednesday, June 5, 2013


A beautiful day in the Queen City. 
Paul Brown Stadium, home to the Bengals, is center and in the upper right corner is the Great American Ballpark, home of the Reds. Located next to the Red's ballpark is the newest addition to downtown, the Great American Tower. Crowning the top of the tower is a tiara that was inspired by Princess Diana's tiara. 

The tiara was an idea started by St. Louis Based Company, Hok and founding partner Gyo Obata to give this Great American Tower some character.
"Recognizing that we're known as the Queen city. Gyo Obata began to study tiaras that in sense symbols of Queens, and he continued his study of tiaras to study, Princess Diana's tiara."
San Marco said it took about 20 years to make this vision come to life. They wanted to create a unique building downtown, but they also had to make the design realistic to attract new companies and new jobs.
Marco says that really was the primary objective. Something to remember the past, while looking towards the future.
"Very proud of course of the tiara, and the steel workers who put the tiara together, they were special, certainly brave men and women that worked on the tiara to erect it and make it what it is today."

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