Friday, January 4, 2013

What's new for 2013?

I am a little late in posting my New Year's resolutions. I have been very bad in keeping up with my blog. Most of the time I don't think I have anything interesting to talk about. 

My resolutions for this year tie in with accepting the fact, as we begin our 10th year without Joshua, that I really need to focus on my health. Since loosing Joshua I have gained 60 pounds. In 2010 I went to our company gym and started to work with a trainer. Uuummm..not a great idea to jump right in without beginning some exercise on your own. While training I blew out both knees after working with my trainer for 3 months.

I have had 5, count em, 5 knee surgeries in the last 2 years. I'm still not 100%.

So, here are my resolutions......
start slow with exercise
watch what I eat

And I have somewhat become a recluse so I am again, starting slow, going to try and do something nice for someone. Stopping by to visit and elderly lady, visit the nursing home, take cookies or something that is easy to fix and leave it as a surprise for a friend. I will try and do this at least once a week.

And, I will begin going to church again. Jack has been going by himself for several years.  

Please keep us in your thoughts.

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