Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday on the Farm

There’s Betty. Our Angus Heifer who is due any day now! She has such a sweet spirit.  She gets us tickled sometimes. If she hasn’t seen Jack in a day or two when she does see him she starts jumping around. Sort of like a happy dog.
The Chickens are taking their Saturday night bath. 

I love these Anaconda Hens. They lay the Easter Egg. It is a mix between blue and green. You can’t see it from this picture but they grow white  hair on their legs.. It reminds me of a pair of go-go boots I had when I was three.

Here is the master. Father Goat. We haven’t really given him a  name- he is too mean !!!

Here is Hoppy, the baby goat. I started calling him Hoppy because that is all he does. Instead of walking he hops everywhere.. He is our favorite. I didn’t get a picture of his mommy. She is due anyway with twins. I’ll post as soon as she has them.
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