Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue Monday

These little precious  pretties came from Jack’s grandmother who they affectionately called “little grandma”.

Smiling Sally
I love this tiny aqua blue ashtray. I’ve researched and not been able to find out any information about it. There is no inscription on the bottom to give me any idea where it came from. My FIL has more boxes of little grandma’s so I’m  hoping I can piecemeal things together.
Emmet Kelly
I have never been a fan of EK. I’m "one of those” who doesn’t like clowns. His clowns were never scary-just the poor ragamuffin look that he is so famously known for. 

This lovely lady is one of a pair of candle holders. The only information I have one her is she is “painted by betsons”. There is a ton of Betson images on the net but no information about the company Betson. If you happen to know any info about Betson or this piece I would love to hear from you

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