Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Height: 47 baseballs (stacked one on top another)

Weight: ?? (He can't see the numbers on the scale when he stands on top of it!)
Physical Aspects: Huge Baseball Head, Complete Reds Uniform, Signature Brand Shoes (Air Mr. Red's)
Favorite Reds Moment: There are just too many to have a favorite!!! But he loves to talk about our 1990 Championship, Johnny Bench Night, the Big Red Machine and this year's team!! (Talking about 4,192 will bring him tears of joy!)
Favorite Foods: Chili, Ribs, Hot Dogs, & Wooden Bats
Best Friends: All Reds' Fans & Gapper
Likes: Doubleheaders, New Ball Parks, Racing members of his family, and the Cincinnati Reds of course!!!
Dislikes: Rainouts, Blind Umpires, and Reds' Losses (they keep him up all night!)
Motto: "The key to a happy life is Reds baseball!

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