Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Riley!

We celebrated Riley’s 3rd birthday on Sunday.  The weather was great so much of the party for the kids was outside.  Riley’s birthday theme was Princess with the colors purple and pink decorating the cake, house, dress and presents (pink mini cooper).

I love the tutu that she is wearing. A good friend of mine made that for her. It didn’t stay on Riley very long though. After playing outside the poor tutu was close to shreds. I managed to pull it back together. We did take the tutu off Riley after that episode.

I guess we need to get Riley a driver’s licenses. It is such a cute car but they live in a subdivision, I really wonder how much use she will get out of the car. Oh well, I’m just the grandma.

Her cake was beautiful. The top layer was an orange-pineapple  mix with the bottom two being a marble cake.  The cake was decorated with much fondant. I’m not a big fan of fondant- give  me buttercream any day of the week.

 Look at all the presents she had waiting for her.  Fifteen in all. I think Riley had more birthday presents than I ever had as a child for Christmas. 

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