Thursday, February 23, 2012

Help! I don’t understand blogger

Can anyone explain to me in layman’s terms what will be changing on blogger the begininng of March. It seems like there is so much mulmbe-jumble legalese explaining what the changes will be that I can’t wrap my brain around it. 

Since loosing Joshua I just can’t quite grasp things as easily as I did before. Just give me the facts and I’ll be fine. Jack tells me that I need to retrain my brain to be more alert-pay more attention to what is being said instead of just winging it on very little brain power. He isn’t being mean- he is telling me the truth. He called from work today and asked me to go to southern states for feed and instead I went to tractor supply and got the wrong kind of feed. I just sort of tune the middle and end of conversations out unless I deem they are news worthy.

So, if you don’t mind to take a few minutes to help me GET this new blogger I would be forever greatful.
And I promise to listen.

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