Monday, January 2, 2012

Wrong way to ring in 2012

So far, 2012 has held nothing but physical inconveniences.  pre New Years Eve & Day I had restless leg syndrome. I went to the doctor on Friday - gave me a shot to settle down the sensation plus a script for requip . Well that same night I was on my way to the ER. I felt silly, it wasn’t an emergency to most but I gotta tell you it was driving me crazy. Was given 5mg ambien and 2mg shot of ativan.  When I got home I was beside myself with being so umcomfortable. I did sleep but not sure when fell asleep. Helped enough to get to sleep.  Friday I was truly playing with fire. I had taken throughout the day a total of 9mg of ativan and cocktail from the gp. I wish I could say I flying high but I was so restless that the extra meds on board really did nothing but hype me up for an hour and then poof out like a light until 1:30pm. Don’t even remember when I went to sleep.
Last night same scenario but while at the hospital I begged for stronger meds to get me to sleep. Ok, the doctor lied. benadryl and something else in my shot did less than the previous visit.
So today I called my gp and he has called in yet a different medicine. 

This past week has given me a huge insight—I am on way to much medicine from my therapist. I still need her but man some days I feel toxic from the meds. It used to be if I took one Tylenol pm you could count me out until late in the afternoon of the next day. Now I take 2 plus ativan plus sleeping pills and I still struggle to sleep.

When I had my knee operated on they gave me versed (sp) to knock me into twilight sleep. didn’t even phase me. This is a shame. I’m only 47 years old but my body is probably the age of a 70 year old. 
Pray for me that I can find the right mix in my life this year so much that the need for meds is all but gone. 

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