Monday, January 9, 2012

Meeting with the Surgeon

To all my friends I’d like to ask that you keep me in your prayers today.  
I am going to therapy first thing this morning. I haven’t had a very good December-I’m hoping that she doesn’t add more meds to my arsenal. I’m hoping this is something that we can talk out. :Plus, I don’t know if the added anxiety and depression is really a back slide or if it is related to the surgery and the fact that I’ve been down with a serious cold for almost 2 weeks? And 2 trips to the ER around 1am both times with restless leg syndrome. I had it 4 nights in a row and I was literally going crazy from it. Plus I had gone to my family doctor with it. He finally switched to to mirapex and it works great.

I don’t think I’ve been out of the house but maybe - gee, I really can’t remember when I have been out and on my own.

After this visit I’m off to the surgeon. When I had the first operation they fixed my meniscus and cleaned bone fragments behind my kneecap. While in recovery my surgeon speaks to Jennifer - gives the usual she did OK-yada yada yada- But then he ask if I have ever been in a car accident and injured my knee. NO, I haven’t. Well according to the doctor my knee cap (behind) was like that of a crushed egg shell. According to the mri and my pain level we operated on the left knee first since it was in better shape. What does that mean about my right knee then?

More pain, mri report right knee severely damaged while the left knee had moderate damage.

Yi,Yi, Yi! 

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