Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jennifer and Riley came out to the farm today for a visit. We haven’t seen Riley since Christmas. It looked as though she had grown a foot! Am I repeating my grandma? 

Riley’s favorite thing to do at our home is always go see the “baby chickens”. Uncle Justin always takes her to see the chickens. I will talk to her on the phone and she will ask about the baby chickens.  She liked the baby goat, also. We have the goats put in a cage so they will get used to their home. They are Tennessee Fainting Goats- if they get alarmed their muscles tense up and the fall over as though they fainted. Hence, the name Tennessee Fainting Goats.  So they are not fighters in the least. They need to be protected just as our chickens do. We are in a search for an AKC Great Pyrenees- they are so expensive!!

I need to keep some old clothes and coat for Riley when she visits the animals. That pink coat just doesn’t look like a farm coat. I need to get to Carhart and buy her a pink carhart coat. ( I think I am misspelling carhart).

As you can see, she is Papa’s girl!
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