Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When inspiration meets motivation

When inspiration meets motivation.  This comment is my life. I have just never found the words to describe it, but, now I have.

I have all the inspiration a person could want. I love to read about  quilting, photography., cooking- especially the Barefoot Contessa. 

I thought I wanted to start quilting and learning how to sew. After buying 2 sewing machines I have decided that I might not be Susie Sewer. I haven’t let this completely fall by the wayside. I’ll work on a quilt maybe an hour a week. 

Now that I am hooked on the barefoot contessa, Ina Garten, I have bought all her cookbooks and am seriously considered getting a new stove to go with my inspiration to cook. Haven’t reached motivation though. Maybe the new stove will be my motivation.

I thought I wanted to start taking up photography so Jack went out and bought an expensive digital camera for me at Christmas. As you can tell from my blog I haven’t used the camera much. 

Any ideas on how I can become motivated? Any tricks or hints up your sleeve?
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