Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sepia Saturday

This picture was taken around early 1910-1915 of my grandpa’s class at St. Boniface. I’m not sure what grade he was in- I’m sorry that I didn’t ask him more about his schooling.  He is the one with the red circle around his head.
My grandpa lived in Ludlow, Ky. His father, Samuel, worked for the railroad as well as most men from that era. Jack’s grandpa worked there as well as his dad. Most probably our grandpa’s knew each other. Sorta strange how we are somehow connected to each other. 
My great-grandmother, Julia O’hara had passed away when my grandpa was 2 years old. By the time I came around to ask questions he had forgotten what she had passed away from.
I will tell you this as my grandpa was way up in his 90’s he would tear up every time he talked about his mom. He didn’t know anything about a mothers love  but he did know he missed out on a special kind of love. As he aged He would cry frequently while he spoke of her. 
The impact of my grandpa’s desperate need for his mom only hits me now. I wish I had hugged him, comfort him but I only listened. Never offering the physical touch that he so needed at that time.
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