Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rain, Riley and Chickens!

I kept Riley on Thursday- Jennifer was working. I took Riley with me on some errands. It was a dreadful rainy, foggy day.  I do not like to drive in the rain. The main errand I had was to go to Cincinnati and pick up 25 little chicks. I consider myself pretty good with road directions but the directions I had from the hatchery were ALL wrong. Two gas stations and 1 phone call later we arrive at the hatchery.

I was kinda bummed looking at the hatchery.  I had in my mind a barn like building with chickens running around loose. It was nothing like that. Just a plain grey metal sided building that if you weren’t looking for it  you’d never pay any attention. It is an injustice to those of us that are misled. The website looks totally different. Barns, chickens.  Nothing! Just another lesson in life. 

On our way home she decided it was time for a nap. Thank goodness. Between the chickens chirping, Riley saying Babies over and over and all the potty stops we had to make I needed a few minutes to clear my mind.  I would hear my grandma always say “God knew what he was doing when he gave the babies to young people.” Amen, I say! Amen!
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