Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cincinnati Skyline

The Cincinnati Skyline
I took this picture 9/17 at Justin’s cross country race. We ran at Covington Catholic’s Invitational. It was held in Devou Park which as you can see overlooks Cincinnati. This picture was taken in Covington. A few highlights are the Bengal Stadium, the tall building on the very right has a crown on the top of the building. Hence, The Queen City. 

I love this picture with our flag waving in the wind. It brings tears when I think about what the flag symbols for us now - after 9/11. The grey bridge right in the center of the picture is the bridge that Obama mentioned  about it being one of the major trucking thorough thru in North America. Not only, you have many commuters from Kentucky that take that bridge daily. 
I’m anxious to see what happens regarding the repair of the bridge.
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