Monday, July 11, 2011

Grateful Friday

I’ve found a blog that I really enjoy, called the Gypsy Mama. Every Friday you are to write for five minutes about a topic that she will give you. You can hook up with her through her button on the right of the blog. During this five minutes you write whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry about making it perfect. That isn’t what this is about. Just your random thoughts on various words.

I don’t feel very grateful — to anyone. Especially God. We lost our 16 year old son, Joshua,in a car accident 7 years ago. You can read about Joshua if you will go to my blog. I feel as though I am like Jacob, wrestling with God through the night, only it has been years for me. I’m trying but it just isn’t there. I need to be back in church. My husband, Jack, goes every Sunday—but not me.

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