Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stormy Weather

What a wild spring we have had here in Kentucky. We have had rain almost everyday. Our garden isn’t even plowed yet. We were supposed to get severe storms yesterday afternoon but they held off until midnight. We have a set of neighbors that do not have a basement so they come here every time it storms. I was not a good hostess last night. They came around 112m, Justin tried to get me up and I just couldn't’t move. I didn’t even move. Anyway, he stayed with them in the basement with our friends. He is friends with their oldest son. I felt terrible when I woke up this morning realizing what I had done. I’ll have to call her this afternoon and apologize. The basement is finished so they did have things they could do while they waited out the storm. Justin told me they were here for 2 hours.

I feel an incredible amount of grief for the people in Joplin and elsewhere that life has been lost. I heard that some parents are still searching for their children. I can’t grasp not knowing, ever, what happened to my child. I read that in Joplin a teenage boy was sucked out of his car through the sunroof—with his seat belt still on him. His parents are still looking for him.

Take care-
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