Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lock up tight!

Just a reminder to keep our homes locked up tight when we leave. There have been a string of break-ins where we live.
I don’t know if it is because they need drug money or Christmas money. I do know if someone needed something I much rather give it to them than steal from me.

We live on a country road, Mitts Road, which is named after my mom’s side of the family. But, we have a “main” road that will take us to into town. This main road is where all the theft if happening. It doesn’t matter the size or condition of the house either. Our main road Route 36 has quit a mixture of homes. No subdivisions, mostly big and small farms except for my uncle’s house.

My Uncle’s house has been destroyed. No one has lived in it since he passed over a year ago. They have broken doors down and busted windows to get. Then they ramsack the home looking for money. Justin and I went down to check on the house right before Thanksgiving. We have a in the living room an organ that dates back to the late 1800;s. Plan was to get the organ before we burn the house down. Would you believe our thieves came in between the last time we were checking on the house and ripped the back side of the organ looking for some loot!

We called the sheriff on our first break in and they only made a report and told us to probably expect more of the same acts but that the sheriff's office couldn't’t do anything about it.
And the thing is the sheriff and I were great friends in school, he worked Joshua’s accident and his boys play ball with Justin. I just don’t understand….
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