Monday, November 8, 2010

Isn’t this little Basset Hound just adorable? I just love those little guys. We used to raise Basset Hounds. Jack thought that this would give me something to do. It was maybe 2 years after we lost Joshua.

We had one litter and the mama had mastitis so I had to bottle feed 6 little babies only 2 weeks old. Night and day! But I loved every minute of it. One female died. OH, how I cried when she left us. Jack had worked all day, and this little girl was not doing well .When he got home from work he drove 45 minutes north to an Vet Emergency Clinic. I just held her in my hands until they left and I know you will think I’m crazy but that little one just cooed like a baby. Jack told me she died just as he pulled into the parking lot.
I’m thinking about raising Bassets again---tossing it back and forth.

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