Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Results from sleep test

Well, I don't have sleep apnea that would require a PAP machine. I do however, have a mild case of apnea. I only quite breathing 2 times in a 7 hour period.

I do snore. The determined it was 8 out of 10 times that I would snore. How they determine this...I"ll never know. (hopefully)

I do have to correct this problem and here are the options that I have been given in the order that I will try them.
All these include losing weight.
  1. Go to UC (which is where we lost Joshua) and get fitted for a mouthpeice that will bring my overbite to the correct posititon which will open up the airways. ( he said had a small air way to begin with--great!!)
  2. Depending on the success of the mouthpeice will determine if I need coblation--possibly in addition/or with the mouthpeice. Coblation is where they would use a laser and blast away some mouth/throat tissue.
  3. The last option at this time is surgery where they will go in and scrape, cut out peices of mouth and throat. Dr. Moser said this is more painful than when I had my tonsils out!!
What really shocked me from the overnight report was that I woke up 63 times but never knew I was awake. No wonder I wake in the mornings and sometimes feel as though I wrestled with God all night.
Good Heavens!

I won't see the oral susrgeon until the 19th oct. I was told by Dr. Moser that this was not a fast process.
I just pray that I don't have to have the throat surgery.

I'll keep you posted.
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