Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A quick note...

Will you say a prayer for me?

I'm headed to the Sleep Disorder Clinic this morning for a consultation with a doctor. I'm certain that I will be doing a sleep study after my visit to the clinic today.
I have issues with sleep. First and foremost is snoring. It is so bad that I can actually feel a struggle to breathe when I'm snoring. I can even hear myself snoring. I've been on the couch for a month. Jack can't sleep while I'm snoring so loudly.
I've been going to the gym at Toyota and working with a trainer. I've only been doing this for 2 weeks so haven't seen any changes so far.
I was hoping to see some change in my sleep patterns by going to the gym but it seems to only aggravate the problem.
The second problem I have is I can't sleep. For a couple of days in row!! I'll catch a few winks when it becomes morning time so I haven't gone with no sleep but close enough.

Thank you!!

ps....have seen the doctor and will be having the sleep study tonight. I will get there at 8pm, get a shower and then get hooked up to the monitors. He is semi certain I have sleep apnea with my throat being so narrow. We always hear of people dying of sleep apnea but he assures me that God gave us a great device to keep from dying from apnea......we wake up when we feel the struggle to breathe. I'm going on what he says but not betting on it. So many people have died from sleep apnea..Reggie White, football player for Minnesota. He is the only one I can think of now. I'm a little scared. What if I get there and don't sleep at all or say something I shouldn't??
Those are all things I can't control so here I go God- trusting in you!

Keep me in your thoughts tonight.....

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