Saturday, September 11, 2010

Neal Davis. My father in law.

Neal was a chemist at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati. In the picture you can see he was diligently working. Neal was not a person to do something that he wasn't proud of. In work and in his home life.
He taught my Jack's family many things outside the lab.
He taught them patience, honesty and that there words mean everything. He took Jack's mom, Sylvia, to places she would never had been if she hadn't meet Neal. Why, they eve owned a cabin in Maine on the coast. SYLVIA sold that after Neal passed. Oh, how we wish she would have kept it. Jack has many stories of Maine that just seems to make Maine so pristine.

Neal was a teacher, leader at heart. Such a shame we lost this man. Way to early.

It is a terrible trick being played on most of us in this world. We never truly are aware of just how important a person is until death takes them away.

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