Saturday, September 4, 2010

Elementary School- Sepia Saturday

Last night I had written a nice, long post on my grandfather. Of course, I didn't save it before I logged out. I'm tired today so I will Just bulletpoint his main journey. Oh yell, he is the one with the oval drawing on his head.

  • born in ludlow- 1908
  • mother died when he was two, julia o'hara powell
  • older brother, paul, thought he could swim across the ohio river--he was found two days later
  • my grandpa and his sister were sent to Grant County to live with my great grandma's relatives.
  • my great grandpa Sam went to the country after a while of living in the city
  • my grandpa only had one sister who lived with him and she was very, very mean to my grandpa, 12 years age in difference (her the older) and as you can imagine my Papa ended up with nothing from the family in later years due to her.
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