Friday, August 27, 2010

Three Sisters

Sepia Saturday
Pictured above are great aunt Vena, my grandmother Ella, and great aunt Lura

As with most pictures taken in our family the location is the old home place which is about 1/4 a  mile from where we live. 
If you look in between the two buildings you can see the dinner bell. We have kept that bell. I can just picture my grandma ringing it for the hired help to come in.
My mom is the only one left of that generation that could tell me what those buildings were. Her memory is so bad though that I'm afraid to ask her and make her upset. 
Aunt Vena and Aunt Lura both left for the city - Covington- where they married, raised kids and died there.  
My grandmother was the baby so she stayed on the farm. She met my grandpa as he was traveling by horse to go in search of his brother. They were both grandpa had heard that there was a Jim Lawrence in Williamstown. Long story made short- grandma and grandpa were married shortly thereafter and he did find his brother, Jim.
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