Saturday, July 31, 2010

Would you believe??

Left fracture hallux prox. phalanx
right high ankle sprain
Fell down 1 step and this is what happens!


I'll be in the cast for at least 6 weeks depending on how I heal. This type of break, according to the orthopedic Dr, is extremely rare. The break is in the middle section  of my toe and most breaks occur at the tip of the toe. 

Right high ankle sprain is what most athletes are subject to. Of course, since I am not an athlete, I asked him how could I have injured my ankle with the high sprain. I said to the Dr that I am constantly rolling my ankle which in turn is  what saved my ankle from being broken.  We have 3 sets of ligaments that cover our ankle for protection. I only have 2 sets which leads to the ankle rolling and actually kept me from breaking my ankle. 

You could just say, I'm becoming older and more feeble. That is what Justin told me!
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