Saturday, June 19, 2010


For Fathers day this year I want to take time out and honor my dad.
My parents were divorced when I was 16. I was an only child. He was always there me, if I had done something stupid or maybe I had done something deliberately against him.
In what I thought was the prime of my life I didn't have time for dad on the weekends, seriously does any teenager who just turned 16 a had a mustang to drive around.

My mom has told me numerous time that if her mother had not died earlier she would haven't given my dad a thought. She probably would have been an old maid.

After school Dad enrolled in the Army. He had a steady girlfriend, Frankie, who was going to wait on him to come back home. Well, she didn't. She married A friend of my dads.
I encouraged dad to ask Frankie out for a date, she too had just become divorced. They went out for a very short time before they were married. They were both so happy. Then sickness came around. Frankie got lung cancer and died 5 years later.OH, how my dad's heart was broken.
She was married by the time Dad came back from the ARMY. My mom and dad were married 9 months after he came back from the army. Frankie did everything for my dad. She loved him and he loved her. They had been apart so long and now they were together again to grow old together. Frankie died 5 years after they married from Lung cancer.
Frankie made dad promise to her he would never take another drink of alcohol and he hasn't. It has 23 years since we lost her.

Dad is Joshua's security team. Dad will go out to the cemetary throughout the week and make sure no one has stolen his flowers and I guess just to spend time of quiet solitude. My dad loved Joshua very much. It was Dad I called when from the hospital when Joshua had his wreck. I'll never forget Dad walking down that long, long hallway. I could go on and on but for the sake of my family I'll leave the post as it is.

Just know that my dad is number one in my book.
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