Monday, March 22, 2010

Riley's first Birthday

I know I'm late in getting the pictures posted of Riley's party. Still working on what program I will use for keeping my pictures. The above picture is her quilt that I made for her. The pink material is what I am using for the border.

Riley was queen for the day. They really went over the top of her parties. Yes, I said parties.

Jennifer has a good friend who gave Riley a party on her birthday, March 11. Then on Saturday we went to Longhorn's to celebrate. Back to Jennifer and Brian's for her 3rd cake and punch.

Brian's mom fixed Riley 4 Barbie doll cakes which was just for Riley. She destroyed those cakes. You can imagine a 1 year old on the floor with 4 doll cakes staring at her. Then we had her cake that I bought for her.

I should be grateful that they celebrated her birthday this much. So many little ones don't get anything for their birthdays. I do know that Riley is loved, very much, by all of us.
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