Monday, March 8, 2010

Looking for recipes....

Cooking supper wouldn't be bad if it meant you didn't have to go the grocery store for the items. For some reason I just feel overwhelmed at the store. There I go again, grabbing the same items and rushing out of the store. Too many decisions to make.

There was a time I enjoyed going to the grocery. But that was 7 years ago. Joshua was my best eater. He would try anything. Jennifer, Justin and Jack are the pickiest eaters in the world.

When I do cook it is the same meals over and over. Every meal has mashed potatoes served with it. .

I told myself that once I was not working I would be fixing wonderful, filling dinners. Even lunches. Not so.

Can anyone give me some good, fast, delicious recipes? I'll take anything but wild game. yuck!

Thank you!!
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