Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It had to be me! Say it isn't so! It is what it is! Ovey!

Monday. Any normal Monday. Not for me and Riley. This was the first time I have kept her by myself. I was a little nervous but didn't pass this news on to anyone. Whew, 4:00 and Justin will be home and I'll be living the good life. He can help entertain this always moving bundle of joy we call Riley. Justin comes in, plays with Riley. I'm picking up around the house. Justin decides to cook a pizza. Pizza cooked. Justin left the oven door open while he sat his pizza on the counter top. Man, just in that second Riley wants to pull herself up. With the hot oven door being her support.
It was awful. We took Riley to the ER. Second degree burns on her little right hand. After suffering for close to an hour the pain started to fade.
The call to Jennifer made me almost as sick as I was when I heard Riley screaming.
Calling Jennifer I was almost as sick as I had been when Riley burned her little hand.
Jennifer was awesome about the entire scene. I know it helped the situation that Riley was sitting on the bed and playing with the stuffed animals she was given. And that little thing was smiling like a rock star.
This is one of those "things" that I prefer to happen to never be in first place. Losing weight, a baking contest..of course WE all want to be in first place at the time. But not this!!
Jennifer's mother in law watches Riley so I just assumed, was pretty confident that the first accident would be on Helen's watch. In fact, I was confident of that. It certainly would not happen with me and especially on my first watch. I've known this for a long time, God sometimes like to teach us a lesson.
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