Friday, January 29, 2010

Want some?

This past weekend we had Riley so I needed to go grocery shopping for a few things. While shopping at Kroger I decided that Riley needed something extra special from MaMa and PaPa. The Kroger I shop at is a new Kroger so it has all the bells and whistles inside. I thought maybe a toy but she so many of those. Still wondering what I could buy for her when this sweet aroma was filling the area. AAhh...cupcakes! I could not wait to get home with her present. Yes, she had her first cupcake and just loved what little she got into her mouth.

Maybe she will offer me a bite??

Well you can see from the pictures that I have of Riley and her cupcake that she was not sure of what it was at first. After a finger smears and giving the dog a bite, she tasted it. Needless to say she was the only cupcake girl this night.
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