Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Life

I am back. I think. Or at least on my way. Going in some direction. Maybe not where I came from. Hopefully not, after I think about it. Headed in a new direction. Towards healthy.

Life became unbearable between the end of November and first of December. I am in therapy. Some days are OK. Some days are blue. But none of the days are pitch black anymore.

Work. Have not worked a day since December 1. Maybe not going to go back. Maybe.

Medicine. Much medicine. Still trying to level me out. Reactions. Meds keep giving me yeast infection in my mouth. Painful. Got taken off the supposed culprit. Will see.

Weight. Have gained many pounds. Workout. Starts on Monday. (Is there any other day than Monday to start anew?)

Would love to hear from you. I feel good when you leave a post.

Take care,
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