Monday, November 2, 2009

broken heart

After months of having chest pressure, my heart dancing as though it were going to sway right out on the table, I went to the cardiologist.

He started the checkup with asking about my home life. How do you answer without crying crocodile tears when he asks how many children do you have?

He was very sympathetic with me about loosing Joshua. He talked with me, not to me. He gave me several ideas to help me through the holidays, and then proceeded with my check up.
Long story short, I've got an echo, nuclear stress test and an event monitor (to wear for 2 weeks) set up at the end of November. He didn't get on me about my weight.I feel like maybe that will come after the results from the test are in. I have gained 54 pounds since we lost Joshua, the best I can tell. After I had told him that I lost close to 20 this summer by cycling while Justin ran he encouraged me to try a spinning class just 2 nights a week. He said, take time for you. Well, Doctor, I to take time for me. It is called sleeping, aka, getting away from this world. Point taken, though.

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