Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Why is life so hard? The age old question that never has a valid answer. Or an answer that would be sufficient.

Where we live the fall rains are coming. With those rains brings much sorrow for me. Those bleak, dark days give me permission from the earth to feel just as bleak and dark as it is outside. It is always that way on the inside for me. But for the earth to show it's sadness somehow makes it OK for me to feel as it does.

I've been to my doctor who has changed some meds around. Not sure if they will work, call me if you feel any abnormal changes. Me??? Abnormal?? that is my world.

Sometimes I don't know if I want to feel better. I'm afraid to move on. I'm closer to Joshua by feeling my pain. Kinda like the thorn in Paul's side.
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