Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birthday Memory

I have written this countless times and each time I hit delete. A wordsmith I am not. Most of the time I remind myself of Moses when it comes to speaking.

My last birthday that I spent with Joshua he was our peacemaker.

Justin had not made a very wise decision in picking his best friend. Which led to big trouble on this day. We were just sick with worry that we were raising a child who would be a problem in the future.

Hours spent that night were spent trying to make Justin understand the consequences of the day and we just could not make any head way with that little boy. Joshua came home from ball practice and learned about what was going down. Joshua went into Justin's room and spent some one-on-one time with him and attitudes changed.

Joshua walked out Justin's room and said, "No problem". Joshua had explained consequences to him and also what a best friend was about.

He saved the day for us. We weren't raising the criminal that we thought we were.
I miss my boy.
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