Saturday, August 29, 2009

Run Justin, Run!

We had our first cross country meet this morning. Justin had to be at school at 6:45am. That is true dedication for a 14 year old to get up at 6am on a weekend morning. It is just like a school morning.
He came in 2nd place!!! There were only 35 kids in the middle school meet. Normally he will compete against 60-100 kids. Hopefully then he'll be in the top 25.
Running is one sport that Joshua didn't participate in. I feel good as I watch Justin run. Cross country is a sport that Justin can be his own person, not trying to compare himself to his brother. I don't know for certain that he does this, but I'm fairly confident that he does to some degree. But how can you change this behavior? I'm not certain that you can.
When I was in school I liked to run. Just didn't have support at home to encourage me. Heck, as adults we need support, encouragment along the way as we trod through this journey.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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