Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Time

My mom, Jennifer, Brian and Riley came over for a cook out last night. We had a wonderful time together. Everyone was relaxed and ready to soak up the weekend.

I had some old photos of mom's family that I gave to mom. As she looked at each one she would get a smile on her face,"Oh, I remember this....." and then tell us the story behind the picture. She grew up on the farm that we now live on. Most of the pictures had been taken here at the family farm. She would point from the deck in the direction that the pictures had been taken. It was neat to watch her travel back to a place that was happy for her.

We tease her and say that she is like a tornado, touching down for only a few minutes then she's ready to go. Last night was different. She was here for over five hours and hated to leave. This is a cherished memory that I'll keep tucked inside for a long time.
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