Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pool time, already?

Trying to open the pool is such a chore for us. By the time fall rolls around we are so ready to stay indoors and hibernate.
Because of this Justin has to do some quick diving to retrive a few things left in the pool.

These pictures remind of when we had the pool installed and had ordered a water truck to fill up the pool. The water was delivered that afternoon and by evening time Joshua couldn't wait to dive in. We warned him it was going to be cold, but being the boy that he was, he went ahead for nice dive. Needless to say, he jumped out of the pool as quick as he jumped in.

We laughed and laughed at him once he was out of the pool. You know, he never had swimming lessons, but he could swim like a fish. Joshua was so athletic that he could play any sport without hesitation.

Oh, how I miss my boy.
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