Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Herniated Disc and Canal Stenosis

The MRI came back with a bunch of yuck on it. Basically, he has a HUGE herinated disc at L5 and is spewing out onto his nerve root, thus making the canal stenosis.

Jack has started PT three days a week and we have a visit with a neurosurgeon the beginning of June. He is fast becoming bored being a home, laying in bed.

He has started reading a John Grishom book so that keeps him occupied some of the time. I'm not too worried at this point, my Jack, is a much stronger man, mentally. He carried much of the first year that Joshua was gone. Looking back, he has carried me all 22 years, only much tighter than before. He is a blessing from God.

I've started reading (re-reading) The Journey - how to live by fiath in an uncertain world-. Remembering what our counselor said every visit, Jack - Cindy- you have to start where you know the truth begins. Live by faith, not sight. 2cor5:7 was a scripture that I held close to my heart years ago. The sub title Live by faith grabbed my attention.
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