Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A very bad back

Well, Jack is now offically on short term disability with his back.

This has been going on since January all the while trying PT, Chiropractor and seeing Medical at work. This morning he got up for work, put his pants on and then hit the floor. I was on my way to work when he called and told me I needed to come home. He couldn't move. I took him to our ER to get some pain relief. Thank goodness I worked at this hospital a year earlier so they got him back to see the doc quickly. The doctor he saw gave him 2 shots, one is a steroid which this will make the 2nd steroid shot since Saturday. The shot for pain was something that I had never heard before. Doc told me this should keep him comfortable for a day or two but won't completely take away the pain. And it hasn't.

We're off to see medical tomorrow morning at 6am. Good thing I am off for the next week.

It's times like this, when a crisis happens, that I really begin to wonder who Joshua would be. He had a great relationship with Jack and he had the ability with me to keep me calm. We had Joshua when we were so young, we were both 21. I've said it before, I feel like we grew up with Joshua.
So many times when I am home I seem to get nothing accomplished. I basically putz around the house. Spin my wheels kinda thing. While reading a book I decided I needed to do something productive. And not the same old thing, dishes, laundry. Blah! Blah! Blah! I get so tired to doing the same thing everyday!
I did get some heirloom tomato seed started today. Brandywine, I think. I'm too tired to go back into the garage to check the seed packet. In the garden I have garlic, potatoes and onions planted so far.
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