Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank you for the support

Wow! I was surprised when I logged on and found some new friends.

I feel like our home has become a hospital lately. A TCU ward, orthopedic ward and labor and delivery.

Justin has strep. Jack is down in his back and can't navigate much and Ruby, our cute little mutt gave birth to 9 puppies on Easter Eve.

My computer is not working properly, the bathroom sink is stopped up and it continues to rain, rain, and rain some more.
I need to get my potatoes planted!!!

Yesterday was a bad day emotionally. I just felt alone all day even though Jack and Justin were both home.
Last night, as I laid on the couch, I pictured what Jesus might have looked like.

He had to be muscular because of his occupation, a carpenter. Dark skinned, rough and leathery from the sun. Dark eyes. Strong, big hands, with callouses from long hard days hammering away. Maybe scars on his hand from a missed drive at a nail. His feet would be worn, cracked from the hot sun. Most of the pictures that we see have Jesus with dark hair, long - shoulder length. I wonder what type of wardrobe he wore while he was working?

What do you think Jesus might have looked like?
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