Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ultrasound, Lifesongs and Lifequestions

It is 12:20 and I can't sleep so what better to do than get on the computer? This picture is of Riley's little hand. I'm also going to post picutures of Joshua in the next couple of days. I'm just learning now, I want to make sure I get it right before I put it out there.
I am taking Jennifer for an ultrasound this morning which is going to determine when they take the baby. Jennifer said her doctor told her to bring her suitcase to the ultrasound just in case he induces today. What I understand from Jennifer is this....if the baby has gained a substancial amount of weight Jennifer will continue to carry Riley. If Riley has gained little or no weight he could possibly induce today, tomorrow or Monday.
I've not been to anxious until this past week. With each passing day the tension level in body my rises. I'm not sure if this is because 1) This is another first without Joshua, 2) Will I love this baby? too much or too little? 3) Will Riley be able to understand someday how much Joshua would have loved her?
My gosh, the questions are endless. So many unanswered questions that no one can answer except God. We all have those questions, some questions continue with us on our journey through this life, and others questions for a short time.

A few years ago Casting Crowns came out with a CD titled Lifesong. I love this song for many reasons, but sometimes think ..hmm..let's change the title. LifeQuestion? I can't say I could keep mine at about LifeQuestions? We all have them, don't we?
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