Friday, February 27, 2009

Good news for a change

Jennifer had a biophysical profile today and the results were great! Everything with Riley looks good. Hard to believe, but they could actually see hair on Riley's little head! Isn't that incredible? Anyway, the BPP as they call it, measures the baby's heart rate, muscle tone, movement (she had to flex her arms and legs 3 times during the 30 minute test) if she is trying to breathe on her own and the level of amniotic fluid. I must say that this pregnancy has not been how we expected it to be. One minute we're looking good, the next it's hang on tight!

Now we wait until Tuesday for her appointment with the doctor, but at least we can rest much easier now that we know everything is ok.

I so appreciate all the uplifting notes for everyone. It is exciting logging in to your blog to see if you have any visitors isn't it? Pretty neat.

I'll say goodbye for now but did want to let you know where we were on this journey to get Riley.
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